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Ryan Pretend Play Grocery Store Shopping Super Market Toys!

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Ryan Pretend Play Grocery Store Shopping Super Market Toy and cooking play food with Paw Patrol, Combo Panda, and Jack Jack! Ryan went shopping for play food for a dinner party!


I still need to serve what should I pick ice cream I think I'm ready check out now let's go there you go Wow good choice ice cream all your food yeah No welcome sir I enjoy my meal I'm so excited my friends are coming over for a dinner party there they are I'm so excited for rice dinner party hopefully we can play some roblox while.

We're here hi Ryan hi Marshall ready for my dinner party yeah I'm ready I'm here too Ryan it's show time ready for my dinner party cuz I'm always ready for dinner Jeff are you hungry what happened Jeff yeah okay I'll go get you some food Jack Jack there's the food oh no I forgot to go grocery shopping.

shame I didn't party hi mommy I'm here to do grocery shopping cuz I'm making salad and I know what to do some lettuce and some spinach it for my smoothie our two oranges still do dessert what should I pick would you make we have some tacos for dessert is that dessert spaghetti what a mouth.

Peas and carrots for dessert thank you but I won't one more dessert ice cream I think I'm ready let's go good choice ya know go back to the party that will be dollars I actually have can I get a family discount not today Ryan I have an idea today yeah see if I could get the free discount I knocked out 5 pence I have one more chance thank.

You mommy all right your dinner party with your hi guys my food is here oh I can't wait first let's make a smoothie so I'm gonna cut some strawberry and some Tomatoes here you go Jack Jack hallo combo can you both for two slaw yummy delicious this is combo bunka.

Listen this is delicious now let's make your salad I got my lattice and my spinach I'm gonna cut all these up I have some bell pepper no mushrooms see now I have cucumbers and last is cheese now fuchsia creamy ranch now let's mix it up my salad is done you want some nachos.

Yeah I love cucumbers I'm all fired up Pete Oh Jack Jackie what's up hey called oh you want something yes please super good man healthy thanks Ryan you're welcome combo thank you for watching my dinner party and remember always stay happy it rise up stay healthy you can get so many toys including giant egg surprise wine potty squishy Ryan's molecules Giants play.

She's all about slime blaster plus an action figures where the vehicles along Bravo Panda the gummy Gator you


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