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[Кокляев отвечает] Советы при грыжах и протрузиях позвоночника

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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Most of you guys often asks me about my ruptures and protrusions etc which can disturb while your training sessions. Which lead to uncomfortablefeelings in your back. Before doing something you should know what kind of injury you’ve got. Aches can have different reasons. But speaking about us I think everything is very clear. The main reason is lifting of big weights. Because of it in all times, In all periods of my life i’ve used such exercises. Our assistant today Kostya Koklyaev. Kostya come here!.

Say few word for all my subscribers. Hi! I must say that some time ago I was able to speak only like Kostya do. So Kostya lay on the floor. Face towards me. Why we don’t cover the floor with something? I think it is all because of laziness. I am just trying to show very easy exercises you could do inside you living space. Put your hands behind your head. I'll fix your legs. .

Also you can fix your legs somewhere under your bed. And make 25 reps. Fix your back. Fix your back in the top. Slowly down. Relax. Take a little rest. You should feel your back pumped. The feeling its gonna blow right now. But it is our aim, we are trying to train the second spine..

Your muscle spine. The next exercise. Stay on your knees. Seat on your shank, straight your hands forward. And on the exhalation we are trying to stretch it. Breathe! Exhalation! Breathe! You can stand up. To walk a little bit..

Constantine Vasilyevich (Son of Vasiliy) Koklyaev, what do you feel in your back? I feel lightness. Is it tight? Yes, it is tight. The guy is going to army that is why he answers short. This exercise we can do 3 times per-day. Short after waking up you are not it do 25 reps in each set, but 15 in 3 sets will be enough, you could stretch by your own. And try to stretch the back part of your body....

I mean back muscles.


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