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Police Brutality Caught on Tape 2014

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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Police Brutality Is Not A Rare Scene Anymore, in USA. A collection of videos from all around the USA.
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right right thank you you hey we don't spit that officer then presses his fists into the side of Duckworth Snacks seconds later it appears Duckworth is unconscious a smear blood is left behind on the wall the corrections officers put a spit mask over his head and then call.

For a nurse now listen closely and how that officer describes the incident his head here when the wall crowns you spit no not whatever this all happened back in October but after weeks of investigating officer Broderick was just charged and arrested today his bond was set at two thousand dollars the Marion County Sheriff suspended Broderick.

Without pay and is conducting its own investigation gonna rock now you ready.

Show your ID excuse me leave the door open and get your ID right now you know I don't even see a name tag on you only what you see go get your ID all right we have a we saw some influence in his pocket rule 52 till next to that semi-conscious I got him thank you anybody by you - good yeah I see that hey we got medical coming through dinner like you said my.

Dad is a sheriff's deputy has been for 22 years I respect the law and the authority I would never lay my hands on an opposite and if I was that sort of threat I don't know why the police department did not have me in custody as soon as they had Shawn and allowed me to be on the corner calling for help if I was such a threat to that officer right there when you're talking are you.

Threatening the officer in any way are you speaking directly to him are you saying something to your dad about the officer that would make him feel threatened no not at all I said beating up Shawn they're beating up Shawn they're taking it very seriously apparently the driver is the affair driver apparently is not complying so the helicopter will be flying from a low.

Overhead giving support to the officers and there is who's watching fashion the officers I've been fired looks like he just spotted back to the bow they throw up their tickets to the ground here he's trying to remain on his beads they need a bother the ground before they cut them you'd think those there's a Sheriff's Department deputies doing what they're able to try and get him on the ground.

But he's remaining on his feet here officers one suspect and just incredible the price this man is putting up yeah that's very frequent that we see a what now what that fact struggle after that the prevail for that law before they take him down so a couple of officers go on if they finally got to the ground there and listen though they're gonna finally take him into custody.

So this pursuit which lasted the past 40 minutes traveled approximately 25 miles from Malibu now coming through an ED right here filing with these sheriff's deputies and THP officers completely surrounding it jumping on this guy and finally take it to the ground and pop it in that looks like it's applied himself as an officer of the law.

And is seen trying to handcuff Bruno but in the process kneed him in the head but the 42 year old is quickly overpowered by the firefighter who is 20 pounds heavier the officer is heard asking for help from bystanders before he's punched several times in the head fearing for his life Hubbard reaches for his weapon and delivers two fatal shots to officers.

Approaching a sleeping man here at the alternative Learning Institute for young adults in Crown Heights early last Monday morning one officer takes a boxer's stance winds up and punches the 21 year old multiple times moments later the other officer joins in swinging her nightstick repeatedly we can't hear what's said but it doesn't make it any less painful put your hands up gets far.

Down yeah for what I'm about to go you wanna take this the property as a civilian he has the right to purchase something as a customer if he didn't break a crime you ask them to leave based on the assumption that that was alcohol but you were wrong so he didn't commit no crime.

You go Mon Amour you gonna eat this up who what did I do yeah well I tell you i'ma leave ain't bout to go get locked up I will live out here but my lawyer will be eating this up the law you're gonna eat this shit up I'm leavin you see me leaving to talk but I'm leaving all right I could talk motherfucker freedom of speech and do nothing man hey dude a man didn't.

Do anything do nothing man you paying a second no let him go man I didn't say anything I was talking to my brother and I just said wow that's crazy I almost hit my car I mean my brother said okay and turned around we thought that was the end of it but it was not over shortly after one of.

The officers asked the guys for ID I said well what are you gonna do my ID please you tell me what you're gonna do my ID and you know tell me what I'm doing wrong name one thing that we did wrong in this con yelling insisting on getting answers to why they were being questioned by the cops saying they know their rights because one is in college for criminal justice the other studying.

Law then all of a sudden and pushed and my brother like flipped his hands to move the pushaway and he hit both of us at the same emotion he saw both of them momentarily bang bang in the jaw it was a natural reaction when he hit me I hit back I hit him about three times and I immediately stopped I kind of like curled up a little bit we're not saying.

They did not fight the officers what we're saying is there was no probable cause when they found it two young men who were smart two young men who were college students when they challenged them I think they got angry and they decided to hit them that is the casebook textbook explanation of police brutality well this is what DP details Fox 2 News.

When the incident happened the officers admitted that they used force and a command-level investigation was conducted the officers alleged that when they were investigating inside the Coney Island one of the officers extended his hand and asked one of the young men to step back but that young man slapped the officers hand at that point the police officers responded with force after.

Reviewing the video and interviewing the suspects the use of force was deemed appropriate and reasonable by the department they shouldn't have profiled us and if anything they shouldn't have got physical with us because we didn't expect that we get physical with them we're not crazy we're not going to just hit cops we're not going to just pick anyone so why.

Would you hit us never been in trouble and I don't want them to think that we're bad people because we hit the cops back I still want them to look at us as the good people you know I don't think I would do anything differently I just feel bad because it's no telling how many other people have been in this type of situation I'm thankful that mine was on camera and everybody can see it.

I'm very disappointed as the person not wanting to go and


Kenny Minchue • 7 дней назад
This is why people kill cops .... Not all cops are bad people but the ones like this desrve it
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Jerry McCalister • 7 дней назад
I support the Police and believe
most of them are good and care about the public. The only one that hates a bad
cop more than the general public are the good cops because they are the ones
that ultimately suffer the consequences. As for the bad cops seen here in this
video, I think they are complete trash and would like to beat the crap out of
every single one of them!!!!!!!!
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Camden Cole • 8 дней назад
This can happen to any one of us. Just cross paths with the gang in blue on his period. There’s no comment for this type of stuff. It makes me sick. And far too many of them get away with these actions for far too long before or if they ever get reprimanded. And then it’s paid vacation while they conduct a false investigation. Sickening just watch this and know it could be you
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wayne johnson • 8 дней назад
this poor man had an attack in his car
👍 0
wayne johnson • 8 дней назад
my god this happens every single day
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Sonia L • 8 дней назад
wait till they get off of work and catch them off guard and waste them one in the head one in the nut sac done
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bert andrews • 8 дней назад
BALDY cop is going to jail where his ass will be pounded by broom handles.
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Veronica Ramirez • 8 дней назад
Hope they all die 👍
👍 0
Veronica Ramirez • 8 дней назад
Hope they all die 👍
👍 0
SSean Savage • 8 дней назад
Fuck the police
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FullMoonVideo • 8 дней назад
So here is what happened to me...

I spent 5 months in a Nebraska Jail because I had marijuana in my car, but stood my ground and beat the case without a lawyer...all charges dismissed!!
Police State Nebraska...stay away from that place!
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Everett Wilson • 8 дней назад
This is the reason cops are hated and shot, when you have thugs with skinhead cuts they are treated like skin head thugs, used to be cops had hair was respected because they were respectful.
👍 0
Adam Garcia • 9 дней назад
Sorry son of a bitch in the first video. I swear to god..they dont know whats coming. Try doing this shit to me. You better pray i dnt know your residence
👍 0
x-ᴡᴏʟғ • 9 дней назад
But this happen all back then, it's 2019 now
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Maximus Connor • 9 дней назад
👍 0
Sue Drew • 9 дней назад
What kind of man throws a woman in a cell like that
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Canned Beans • 9 дней назад
Police Brutality Was high back in 2014
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Lokiii • 9 дней назад
One time an officer thought that i had stolen money from a local shop.He dragged me out of the street and said he gonna search me i said that he didnt havd the right to do this so he pushed me to the ground and held me.While this my pants where pulled down and he started hitting me on my bare behind in front of many witnesses.He then held me down for like 1 minute while asking me things and repeatedly hit me again.After this he searched me with my bare bottom exposed for everyone and after he could not find the money he let go of me and pretended like nothing ever happened.It was the most humiliating experience in my life.
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Trojan Hampton • 9 дней назад
The black haired female is an example of being thrown in jail
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عبدالله خاکی • 10 дней назад
All american police is ANIMAL
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