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Melania Trump Is So Over It - Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

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Trevor looks at how Melania Trump is slyly undercutting her husband’s feuds.
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Milania's just over it and now I think she's starting to consistently realize that she can just you know slam Trump in like a very classy way she doesn't need to say anything to him about him she just says it about whatever he's speaking about and then she just keeps it moving and I like that that the clarification there was of cause she released the statement and then people.

Were like is Melania going against the president and then released another statement says no this has nothing to do with the president this this has everything to do with LeBron and how good his school is I was like really that's that's that's all you're gonna say that's all you're gonna cuz I like that that is like that is just a simple that's a woman scorned in a relationship.

You know what I mean like if you've ever if you've ever grown up in a house where like two adults are fighting that's pretty much what it is like you'll be at dinner I remember my aunt would do that to her husband it's like everyone would be eating something and then someone would like one of my favorite lines is like someone was dishing up some food and then my uncle.

Was like no no no he's like don't don't put dick don't put the gravy on top put it on the side and then my aunt was like yeah he likes things on the side and then everyone just like that's all Melania is doing now this is gently throwing the shade I feel like this is all going to culminate like it's the way LeBron and Trump are beefing if if we lived in the movies it would.

Culminate in like LeBron like Trump will challenge LeBron to a basketball match you just be like okay LeBron me and you one-on-one if I win you quit basketball if you win I quit the presidency and all of us are like that's so dumb that's crazy LeBron versus troubled one and then like Trump does have like some sinister plan The Secret Service goes in like steals.

LeBrons mojo or something they like steal his basketball shoes and he now he can't play in the bronze I can't play without my shoes and it was like come on the bread you can do you can and then the day finally it's like halftime and LeBron is losing and he's in the locker room by himself and then like Melania walks in and she's like LeBron is like Melania and she's like what you need to.

Understand is that it was never the shoes LeBron it was always you you can do it you get some value don't some from that's a movie I'm pitching will call it race Jam you.


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