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GPD Win | Test Drive Unlimited 2 | Atom x7 - Z8750

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Testing the TDU2 on the GPD Win. We have the game limited to 30 FPS using riva tuner. The game runs well in the country sides getting 27-30 FPS, the cities are just to much to handle. Judging by the gpu usage we are cpu bottlenecked. For the most part plays like it did on consoles, frame drops (slightly worse than PS3 and x360) in the city's (especially Ibiza it can drop to below 20 FPS) and 27-30 in the countryside/forests. Ibiza is tougher to run than Oahu so for best performance stick to Oahu.
Specs: GPD win (no Bios mods)
Atom x7 - Z8750
4gb Dual channel DDR3L 1600mhz
64gb EMMC storage (game running off a SD card)
Intel HD 405
I have not done any major modifications to windows 10 yet to lessen the CPU load, just turned off all the xbox app stuff and disabled game mode.


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