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Pawn 3 Infiltrates Bishop Lobby - Savjz Auto Chess

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What rank is gone poetry wait what no are you oh my god what is this how did he get into the lobby this must be that he he has like one high ranked in it then is like a second account it must be the same guy as like second account oh my god and he thanked it intentionally and now he joins on that oh my god oh no yeah.

Yeah he thanked on purpose for sure oh my god oh my god you know if he wins like everyone is gonna be like 95 or something actually mmm our assassin oh my god real I'm no more that's a sin I got a donation 3000 philosopher yawn there we come here for Queen level autotest gameplay and we get crate philosophy of monka hmm cat is a pet Thank You unison say thank you.

Chanted I'm sure cat is a cat or east cat actually not a cat what if I told you that is not a cat and got this instead talk would you believe me said said the cat is a dog would you step man believe him I mean a lot of people are really sick things like that without getting into politics alright grave and die alright let's see let me get low-key trap oh yeah.

I'm actually a rapper well we can make some milk money here if he wanted to but I should probably use this fighting right now for now I'd use the five things he's always should actually have this in that so that it takes damage we want it to take damage this in the mean also that it's more things because I needed at all to go of early the ring of health goes.

On actually it goes on this I'm pretty sure on the Enchantress yeah I'll just starve in my spirit I am got ready to go alright so and Sean - this is getting hit by one thing that's like perfect we need this help let's go keep the guys alive let me share doing this the early enchantress is no joke he's all just better than emptied CA you're just.

Stalling you can't compare one is a card game another one isn't speak thy grave we can't compare dr. Klink all right so we're gonna add a second piece then we're gonna add the third mech oh yeah venomancer is not terrible this early it's good for like at least like five rounds then it's kind of bad but for now it's fine tinker in front yeah yeah of course.

Think arrest a madman it is like range but so this totem actually deals like pretty legit damage for now huh the hail is keeping it alive - I bring an end to magic väri master of it wide stone numbered to star can carry yeah much things actually really good for me no man sir you're right you're right about that Python you know your stuff clearly.

That's a that's a thing that not many people know I agree with you there okay well this however I think we're gonna just we're gonna sell this man died once or no spark off dead I mean this is okay but it still loves razor is better and level to enchant OS is better - I'll probably sell the enchanters at some point open Alex good actually four three yeah MMR assassin oh.

My god I should probably look up who it was whose account was it so we can get him banned from that thing I should look up like who's missing so to say just there's gonna be one player missing right now right but then again that's not like necessarily proof that it was him it could have been at this like an actual player and then this is like a friend of someone it's likely that it's.

Gonna be the one who's like not in the game with with the main account that was used to enter the game they will do oh my god no that's bad you are there's still the heel going though level two o'clock level to end damage level two three level two I'm not gonna get to be a speed skater pitch for the only bit to shadowfiend.

Okay we can use shadow fiend by the next level maybe so this is like oh I can't be accessed and then we have this and The Enchantress we want to take a little bit of damage it's like a but it like this one two three five one so we are not consumed by did I'm sure level two bound I think we should be good maybe Serafina and razor are must pigs.

Yeah they are pretty good speaking of good it's probably the Enchantress getting sold please blue if I win I'll sell my entire band not sure if I will though this guy also had a cool oh we lost the battle okay we get the bonus code cool guy is pretty powerful early and late and always just.

A good character that's all Sarge oh this is creeps mesh your bands to the instead of settling if those burn now we sing gobbling but I know but it's worth for those shadow fiends but I should have benched that I didn't do a mistake then the mistake was that I should bench there I was notice to sell the thing because if I find another finger or if I level up or if I find.

Another shadow of these or there was really no point in selling that there is water chanted I'm sure ain't chanted I'm sure all right this goes to that cuckoo already has 10 out of our the globe or casts more held so it's gone like benefits for long it on that alright by the Slovaks no way dude donated by cool yeah maybe I mean that was pretty useful.

gonca MVP I am he's good here's passing around um we need one more warlock after goblin what alchemists would be like super duper good oh my god this is like bugged oh my god me alot like messaging me that was like oh my god the qi8 ilding already started oh my god we're trying to see who was missing.

Roofie that's Daniel that guy is not there I can tell from this for sure Dania trying to like say if you don't know who who is this like a prank is gonna play air but oh I lost oh my god I wasn't watching that sucks alright this is a level of town go clean all chemist that's what we need this seems like the best character even if it.

Doesn't give me any bonus right now shadow of things really high damage but it wasn't enough no no 1 hp on this week I need some levels Jeff we haven't had any level ups in a while it's been a long time it's a water loss for now let me lose so much damage and I guess it's the race or.

Rather give two of these rip razor my only level 2 is the clock where that's why we losing only one level two right now that is not great oh let's just melt oh my god no we need levels so this doesn't happen it was the fall I'm three who melted me guess so Wow what a disaster but if I spread out then I lose do then I use two assassins.

If anyone has assassins okay this is gonna be creeps though the heel doesn't help if everyone everything gets one shot you're sheriff oh my god really did they die to this is this what they died to I have seen it before so that's how they died Wow do they even kill the creeps I think so the thing will be fine against the creeps maybe Oh see I'm not sure my levels are.

Crap my levels are really weak I don't know seems like you're fine one item no oh give me more but yeah we should move away since like if those who are getting it I've seen it before I wasn't paying attention in that particular round if it was damaged from there or if it was not but I've had that happen before on some occasions so we go.

To the left corner now I mean even if I lose that's okay as long as I get my phone like at my interest code and I don't get like - then crushed or - 12-16 never level - yeah it's been pretty unlucky upgrade game yeah it's one type of demon both this did you see demonic power they have the demonic power do you have two different.

Demons they lose it but if you have two of the same they both have it Debbie HK three months thank you so much thank you use clock us main front I mean kind of is but so mean the cool come out early level up I mean we are not even close right now but maybe I should their column coupled you know the calm coupled.

That one you know it kill the bounty didn't that's they call on couples again comes clock three is nothing yeah it's not very good even if you get it to three but can't get the next level here I mean this is I think it's slightly better I mean Stila garbage though yeah the bad options that's the only second place somehow.

Oh yeah oh yeah that's the boat again pom pom pom pom there's a theme there sir I think now we can actually get to deliver just block if I have three of the same chess pieces do I get the bar you get to level up G of the same piece or automatically level up.

Meh cocky why can I get anything good yet it's been like then doesn't he ever since I saw something I like somehow we've been still winning though we can try to like do that a long time haven't seen that be Tammy was here earlier borniche gonna win and the rank is gonna be gone what father backs thanks for the five months in a row welcome back no no this is like the worst they're.

Splitting the dps I should have position better this is the worst they are linking different targets this is this is just the worst I totally missed it I was the third round you see me usually go like everything like this or something I totally missed it I don't know this I did not know this unfortunately.

Yeah that's good it should be morning front but I don't know how to use that I've always longed to use this I'm gonna have to call the boat but republic sitting you know we could have beat them if i was paying more attention I just missed it so I like putting them like this into the into the rightmost side so to make sure every single unit that I have attacks the same.

Target totally win cuz if they if they focus fire one first then my chances are just so much better all right keep the rotors running and figure this positioning on should I get another level there's no nurse do I wander through all of our Lourdes I get home that's not really like in oh I guess I'll buy it just think s we got an easy level of.

Hollow Rock thank you for their 16 months thank you so much a green repercussions Thank You cream for this up no we won't we won't use this holy no so badly clockwork dream alive oh my god let this head open thank God rank is gone actually waiting oh my god guys is there ain't gonna be gone why is he here he like sneaked into the qoh of the game probably had a sick two.

Accounts he had two accounts in any like he signed up with with their main account and now he's interested like layin there on there sniping account or whatever you wanna call it that's my theory yeah so he probably has multiple accounts reporting but I can't know for sure if it was the guy who's missing from the event server just report like.

This I can't know it i can't report like i don't know who he was i think the game was also left open so he must maybe like a friend of someone who's actually in the game or something like i really don't know like we can make a guess that it's probably was the guy but then again like they both was spamming me like there was one open spot seal still in there in.

That in the event like that I was getting spam from the ball so that means that they maybe he wasn't signed up it's a somehow got the password from like one of the other players maybe I don't know he's helping you with the stream Condon oh well this is getting a little more exciting that's for sure he is making this very exciting huh who the imbecile is definitely better than Duke.

Locks you know this like close today dude oh this is the creep round this is the easy creeps oh my god rank is gone will the rank be gone chat will turn rank be gone the matchmaking the way the matchmaking work experts is that if the rank action might be Garnica we finish laughs oh ye of stone oh but we don't have chainmail yet I think we give it to the guy you know.

We don't have a chainmail Chet I need the guy you know tube-like get there even faster ethics any matter now I have a bunch of gold just level up yeah have so much gold now I'm like all they go all of it it's LTA yeah I mean I probably will one more chance to get third they will do a lot no I sold my troll.

Wardrobes already what happened it also had to sell them to make room my bench was formed all right enchanted I'm sure okay very cool why does he vacant chance let's go see we have two enchantress s I can sell there I can combine them and sell for more gold right now it looks like I might sell well maybe also the district direction.

The old I'd hundred an adult no no when he is my Titans as well - sure okay we just mail that level one tide yeah but the game isn't even that like late actually it's not like super late visit around 28 I mean that's pretty late enchanted I'm sure I guess that is pretty late my call sharpen my spear and I'm ready to go just one more o'clock guys oh my god so much good stuff here.

I've been definitely buying okay level three our chemist is not happening maybe the level oh my god that's a big loss I can't lose this big no I need to get my mix the big level tight yeah yeah about that I've got it I'm just what if I sell no I mean it level two on that yes we got the clock we got the clockwork chop the dream.

That's a big clock right there I have a huge clock if anyone doubt in my clock size now here you have it you see it's the biggest clock oh my god the fear level 3 o'clock exit o'clock actually I did the difference o7 read also got nothing up I don't know it's trash this enigma give me some upgrades obviously I put in an income up with the.

Creeps but we should be fine though pretty thank you right so mixing antique map on a crow yeah would probably be an upgrade only a small difference but it would probably be better right shield and ring ring no shield think this filter tidehunter actually this brother died and there's any 512 disruptor on it's only level 1 megabyte or not I'll.

Probably end up settling it unless we get like fast upgrade tonight Madhu sighs interesting thing around the Medusa white Allegan died I think so whew level 3 tasks no tidehunter take Danny and maybe 500 already there we go yes Weiner Weiner oh sure I do the change with this all right all right all right check out the last level chat.

Let's go for the last level so we need to team betters for the mega team third one no matter is it doesn't fit yet I should get the level and then throw it there sailor cuckoo cop maybe you're right it's pretty bad we haven't found upgrades we probably never gonna get the old my car some spell damage.

Yes we're still still winning was Leonhardt the beat rank is gone we'll swap kookaburra I think we swap come cover Medusa then we get the Naga buff Trang is gone it's gone yeah so now we get the Naga buff if nothing else this like yeah we gotta really like oh wait a minute.

Wait a minute the panda bear it's gonna wreck me isn't it time to be strong you got a level up this and this here's the signora I am the run that spoils the bunch I don't think we got acknowledged image to the last level for water looks 100.

Wait swore lucky thing out though draw oh my god the I that's a drag on my two legendary items holy crap oh this Medusa that's big that's big that's actually big enough in who sucks the most out of the water looks remove on timber oh that's probably the way to go I think you're right oh it's creeps okay anymore Gary mean anything okay.

now I have a good line up against this we have no neumann snow hex this then equal okay okay medio Sun helps this guy I'd like frickin amazing items yeah fight under 500 Chet tidehunter Satur of it oh yeah I should probably get three doctor said everything oh well now I get them out go on but they stay sad opium dream alive.

No God he got these outs my where's my medals Earl oh there it is shadow fiend over the level yeah I should probably do oh my god those so close oh I have an ID them on mine I mean it's high damage still bleed supportive on DPS right come on Kyra get up created already an enigma enigma' okay really come on yes but I'm dying anyway.

Throw away the mix of each it's level three o'clock I know it's just a block but it said it's level three maybe the bean burrito oh what a Medusa yeah Oh such a good emitters all back yes the rank is gone is almost gone could we actually do this s oh my god yes okay this needs to be in front now because if it doesn't dialed in the beginning then it just doesn't.

Help me at all like it's useless Frankie say Floyd Roy they give a subbing welcome good to have you here level 3 yes I'll try we only need two more now the only need to market never said a mana gaming item on my anything that would be very nice you avoid stuff or something they're stale but I wish it was slightly.

Earlier I'm adding the repo she's a little nice we're doing I'm doing Frank is gone it's gone no not yet all right thing there so you had a good run that was not happening this is two disruptors man if I get oh if I get the next level it's pretty good but level one it's not good level one disruptor is not good you need it level two.

Oh my god what was that oh that is mentally some kind of explosion there wow that was really bad Oh - planning oh my god okay we don't have time for disrupt that I'm not sure if I'll find the last one steak with what if oh my god how is that so bad what happened okay that's I get out of there oh it's great problem oh my god it's.

That okay we need Nanak mine the very front we should be fine again screams I think just any come as long as that's where we win you could somehow would die without the whole thing the damage sunbae enigma all this there we go it's so good it's so much damage oh it's um to see items oh my god would you like all their items ultros go Daddy.

It's me and rank is gone oh my god it's just me and rank is gone now do we have like some Monkey King but here we don't ok get the level 3 SF I'll trust me I'll try yes anything Cataldo but is the rank still oh oh it's so close yes we want another small window - buy one more just one more yeah he had.

Liked me all Niren oh we I have mall here oh my god I have melted now he had some sick items - though there's a Mjolnir on this Dragon Knight is it better if I crawl strengthing of the positioning here you see the phone right no no no no II don't Bob died with oh my god rank is gone Frank is gone oh my god no maybe he dies.

First okay we know I drank was not oh my god he destroyed this other guys though my axe is still on top of wondering oh my god no boss bean yellow stream eggs


PurpleSidewalk1 • 8 дней назад
Lmao at 1:25 "Cat is a dog" then the sub cat pops up :O
👍 1
Miran Omanovic • 21 день назад
just played the game and the guy had lvl 3 axe lvl3 ogre mage, lvl shadow and necro on round 17. How can anyone compete with that
👍 0
Эмир Сулейманов • 27 дней назад
Он болтает как будто у него насвай под губой 😂
👍 0
MoeByte • 28 дней назад
Rank is mostly useless anyway
👍 0
Master Splinter • 1 месяц назад
Where is all the Rank gone? hic
👍 0
Florian Paul • 1 месяц назад
He cries about having no luck but doesnt face multiple lvl 3 and loosing a lot of hp. He is incredibly lucky that his enemies got only shit. I got games where on low rounds people with full lvl 2-3 lineups smashing the shit out of you. But he will only upload videos where he gets far even if he whines about "unlucky".
👍 0
Aaron Lundy • 1 месяц назад
I just won as a knight 9 and went down in MMR according to auto chess stats... I'm not sure how but I won 4 candies and pretty much dominated the game but it shows -100 mmr. My tag is X6X
👍 0
Finley • 1 месяц назад
shoud have reported that guys main to qihl. could have got him banned
👍 0
Max Willeke • 1 месяц назад
Idk but i think they finally fixed 2 same demons still giving demon passive like double sf early shouldnt work anymore
👍 0
AzGNet • 26 дней назад
Max Willeke is that a big?
👍 0
2911fr1 farhan • 1 месяц назад
Beware the rank is gone.
👍 0
Zackapo • 1 месяц назад
the ending made me tense. incredible game with high stakes
👍 3
tien thong Nguyen • 1 месяц назад
For real this guy dont even remember recipes in this game. He got dagon but he dont use. Damm
👍 0
Dont Panic • 1 месяц назад
RANK IS GONE may not be the hero we deserve, but he is the villain we need right now.
👍 57
Artur Eestlane • 1 месяц назад
Kaya on techies would have won the game lul
👍 0
Manh Quan Hoang • 1 месяц назад
Techies dmg is phys fyi
👍 0
Taha Özkan • 1 месяц назад
AGAİN DUDE UR SF GETİNG DMG FORM OTHER CHESS TABLE'S SF STOP STACK RİGHT CORNER (Clear at round 10) i wrote it another video and discord if i see this shit one more time i gona subscribe and donate money for reach u
👍 0
Mauer01 • 1 месяц назад
isnt it a better positioning to make the main tanks on the second row right behind the cc tanks like tidehunter?
👍 0
MdK • 1 месяц назад
I kept getting rejected by girls, but since I upgraded my cock to level 3, dating is easier than ever.
👍 0
Cynical Penguin • 1 месяц назад
barely wins a round
>lets change positioning 4Head
👍 0
Blueye • 1 месяц назад
Wave 17 just reroll shop a few times to dig?? Yoy have 50 gold already
👍 0
Feakos • 1 месяц назад
I like how he even has a thief as profile picture
👍 0