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PLANE CRASHES AFTER ENGINE EXPLODES! - Stormworks Multiplayer Gameplay - Plane Crash Survival

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PLANE CRASHES AFTER ENGINE EXPLODES! - Stormworks Multiplayer Gameplay - Plane Crash Survival
Welcome to Camodo Gaming's Let's Play of Stormworks Update Gameplay. Today we are doing some plane crash survival in Stormworks!
About Stormworks:
This is a game where you can design and pilot your own sea-rescue service, in a rich and dramatic physics playground. Steer or fly your custom-designed, block based, programmable vehicles into fierce oceanic storms. Plan and execute thrilling rescues in a variety of challenging crisis scenarios.
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Okay we need to emergency land this as soon as possible engine four shut down engines or ease down engine twos down it looks no actually into twos good wait something's on fire inside of the plane wait really Komodo hello how was your sleep in the military barracks here this is not a very comfortable mattress I requested a.

Pillowtop Serta and they gave me a mat yeah yeah that's like a two-inch bed right there yeah my back hurts now yeah well that's what we get for losing our pilot's license we joined the Air Force here voluntarily so that we can get a good review on our pilot license appeal uh-huh what I just said but yeah the Air Force agreed to give us another chance with more licenses wait so we could.

Barely pilot a Beechcraft what are they gonna give us an Air Force I don't know yet they haven't told us but they told us to go down to the main hangar oh okay oh it's beautiful this morning my eyeballs they hurt this is way too early for me oh yeah so we just need a head over to the hangar yeah that big one right there wait oh I see something in there do you.

Yeah look you can see a tail Oh certainly we wouldn't be getting to fly that what are we well the commander of this base or whatever runs this location I had never talked to him he said in the handwritten note that we have a whole crew for us they're gonna be working for us really oh yeah sweet yeah that's cool do we get to eat breakfast before we go or no we.

Don't have time oh okay oh wait board oh we need to learn mrs. what says right there pirates in the area oh I don't know why they'd write it on a whiteboard but I think everyone's sleeping in okay what about our Korean I don't know I don't see them around let's go in here Oh what is that a SSI Oh a xxx I always wanted one of those.

This certainly can't be the plane we get to fly is it no where's the where's the single prop plane that they would surely give us I think it's outside the hangar huh let's open the hangar doors real quick maybe it's out here yep and it has to be up here yeah this makes it absolutely no sense right now why would you give this to us.

Oh well huh huh I mean do you want to take it I mean nobody's around right now we can just assume this is what we're supposed to take yeah well we can take this it totally doesn't need a crew of like I don't know 6 plus people no this is fine we can manage all the buttons I like clicking buttons anyways so yeah yeah yeah yeah we got this all right oh man.

Let's hop in this and check this oh so this is a huge military plane this has advanced munitions on it oh well I'm assuming it does but you can browse there buddy your guilt yeah every plane needs one of these yeah all right we're get on it there we go there we go whoo check this out oh man it's so advanced in here oh no this is too many buttons oh no batteries gears rpms flaps GPS.

Extinguishers wait extinguishers why would they need those engine temperature Oh oh we can bust the engines oh no we're not we don't own this vehicle oh yeah yeah sure yeah yeah yeah so what else is in here oh man holy radar whoa oh there we go I've never had one of these before yeah these are cool Oh turn on all the breakers okay wait.

Breakers what you guys this look at this okay weapons Bay oh we have a woman's money open it holy man look at this are these torpedoes oh I want to grab one of them yeah yeah come on these are actually really sturdy here pull it with me you gotta make sure these are secure you know who loaded these like man what'd I do.

I don't know you think that's safe back up there get back up there push your back up we don't need that okay we don't need that we'll leave this here okay that seems safe it's like a message to our higher officer that we left oh it's like a goodbye note except for it's bomb yeah it's a water bomb you know a torpedo nothing too dangerous yeah torpedos aren't dangerous they don't.

Blow up and explode and take out ships but can we take off in this thing yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm a pro oh you want to fly it or do you want me to fly you know I flew the last one when I crashed in an oil rig so okay copilot on this one how about that so wait is this this is Jake Jake military I guess we can call this Jake military they probably won't appreciate us renaming it but let's be.

Honest with ourselves here this is pretty Jake the the jank Air Force is on the way all right let's go get some lights on in here cockpit lights nav lights are on I'm clicking buttons and I think it just messed up everything thank you I think you just turned off the nav lights and all the lights okay lights are on let's try to.

Set again here we go and your one Anja to editor 304 oh wait I do not know can you get those - yeah I got these engines there we go okay engines are on all right all right batteries at 0.88 fuel is full you're good to go I think all right well okay get ready to press the brakes when I tell you to and stuff like that okay okay so we're gonna get this up in the.

Air all right Komodo I'm moving forward actually put the brakes on a little bit here okay brakes are on okay turn them off turn em up ah hey brakes you're off so hopefully this thing fits outside the bay door I don't know how to taxi this thing Komodo we go faster Eddie oh gee we're ready we're going for it already.

We're going that's fine we didn't need that engine anyways did we actually it's still working yeah you just missing a clue it's perfectly fine all right come on a landing gear up landing gear on all right landing gear is is up nice shape alright so we have to figure out where we gotta go I'm actually going to put my altitude hold on at about 400 all right.

400 set boom altitude hole oh that was really abrupt yeah you don't think that that a little engine on the side it's gonna cause us a problem later Dee I don't know let me check the engines here really quick engine before I'm thinkin uh engine yeah I just have it labeled but I'm pretty sure it's four so that's a little bit lower on temperature maybe that helped.

Yeah thinking hard it is oh yeah I gotta get a seat here I'll get the engineer controls yeah it's good tip is actually about five degrees lower that's weird yeah maybe less resistance or something all right so we got to figure out where we got to go on the map maybe um okay I see the big island it said right okay we're pretty much there so it's.

Right below us yeah and then the little nuclear reactor is but looks like it's below us yep there it is all right you know what I'm gonna enter that into our heading coordinates here really quick and bang and boom set heading okay all right now we just got to look out around this area I'm gonna turn off the stabilization bank so that it turns better alright and.

It should be somewhere around here you good over there is that engine giving you any problems or uh that's a little hard to fly but I think everything is all right we have nothing to worry about here just coming in for our low I did not mean to get out of my seat I am now on the side thank you I was just gonna go read the temperatures engine temps man that one engine is.

Running up much yeah it's much lower temps that's kind of amazing considering you slapped it into the ground okay I'm gonna sit down again okay I'm looking here I don't see anything at the moment okay I got her eyes open here looking for any pirates ah all right just up here there's the big island and the reactor to our left okay so they.

Report it right around this area yeah we gotta see if there's any suspicious activity what's that is that rocks below us that looks like I think that's rocks yeah those are rocks but that's not concern you butch engines on fire is it three or engine to put the mount cavora out and turning them all okay what's its young got another fire what.

Is you oh that wasn't even the engine I broke come on oh oh okay oh we need emergency land this as soon as possible engine four shut down engine threes down engine twos down it looks no actually into twos good wait something's on fire inside of the plane wait really soon see the smoke yeah this is bad oh that is that's not good you're enough turn off engine two and three okay so turn off.

Engine what two and three okay three siga you want okay that might help spy the whole wing is buckling okay okay yeah all the we do are we going down I think we're gonna go down I gotta try to land us put actually leave the landing gear up that's probably the safest we have to land this just pull it up slide I'm trying wait get her flaps up flaps all the way up okay yep flaps up oh no.

Oh no okay can you pull it up any further try and flaps up Oh get ready we gotta evacuate this uh okay wait wait oh right water water okay no quick Oh over the door that was so unexpected did we wait the Pirates I did I saw them I think I know what happened are you saying they shot us down yeah.

Because the engine died broke was the far right one number four uh-huh and number three caught fire I think that explosion we heard was an anti-aircraft missile we telling you we got hit by a missile and we exploded our plane you know what you know what we got to do shoot two pirates we got to go back over there rattle bolt that sounds good you know there's a pelican over on.

That rock laughing at us right now right that's it that's it up planes going to the bottom of the ocean right now say goodbye to the plane by plane yes uh-huh I think this is gonna affect their license a little more than we thought I mean maybe is it this military crime I mean we didn't crash it on purpose no we actually got shot down so I'm sure it's covered under the military insurance no.

I'm sure we'll be okay that sounds good get over to your Pelican jerk that's what you get for laughs you gotta slap the Pelican that stupid jerk and well we might want to go get another boat cuz our plane is toast all right spy so we uh we borrowed this ship from the Naval Yard and we're gonna take out those pirates yeah actually they're just right over there and guess what see this.

Here wait I had enough at least pirates but it's my it's my don't you don't you wait that's it that's it that's it that you know what um you need ammo we didn't grab ammo we didn't we didn't grab any I'll box it again there's ammo and boxes down here uh I don't know if it's the right one it's empty they're all empty ah all right desperate measures what do.

We need to do now well exactly what I said beforehand we got to go right up to them they're not gonna expect this we got to RAM them we got Ram the wolf this boat that we borrowed again okay that sounds a safe fare and we're probably yeah we're gonna get arrested for this you know that right no no way okay good we blame this on you know oh you know the guy that's not with.

Us today yeah yeah again Oh was his name-o B yeah yeah that guy I'm gonna scribble Oh B was here on the back so you just don't mind me go ahead and crank her up get her ready to go your cue yes s Oh Burton there we go Oh B was here so how did you ever think that maybe those are just fishermen and not pirates how did our engine explode.

That's a good question tell them user error there's they said there was pirates around here somewhere it has to be those guys in that fishing vessel but there's also people that fish around here too you know right why would you fish near a nuclear reactor that's pretty suspicious you know I think you're right that is pretty suspicious all right well we are.

Full speed ahead we're gonna RAM them this is gonna be good we're doing this they'll never expect this even though our boat doesn't even go like fix knots yeah they totally won't see this coming good turn it for effect you know yeah thank Dessie jerks stupid stupid or the ones ramming them of a boat and we're just employing their.

Tactics that they would use for us right it's a trawling boat as well they're not even moving it's suspicious wait what I know they got you peez Hey sabotage deceit smack Oh Craig is back up we're almost there I gotta crank us you got a backup I think we're out of fuel did you not fill up before we left no I didn't know how are you serious huh you think we can borrow some from the.

Pirates wait spy I've got an idea yeah why don't we go steal the Pirates boat let them have this one then we'll RAM them with there's the genius yes it is you know all right let's do this okay let's get are we crashing this yes into our ship yeah because ours is military steel can't be broken correct okay so we're gonna break their boat on our boat yeah foolproof.

Plan Oh take a wall here we go any moment got bluey does that do anything um no I didn't oh there's a little bit of a scratch on the side of that all right go for the rocks okay I got the more speed.

Now look at this whoa holy all right full speed ahead okay I'm at ten knots whoo right into those rocks yeah yeah that'll work at what temperature does the engine explode I don't know when I asked the airplane that we blew up I mean it's a pirate's malariae well then any moment it's like speed we have like a ticking time bomb if you go below a certain miles per hour it doesn't.

Explode but it does yeah oh here we go do it yeah totally Oh totally yeah that did it totally you wanna go buy a can of gasoline and blow they light this on fire probably yeah it's probably quicker than what we're doing here Oh at least we got into the shore and they won't be doing.

Pirate things anymore for sure ah all right so spy we're back everything's totally went great today we do yeah yeah yeah I'm just doing some pizza here in this oven why is it so dark in here I they forgot to add a light oh okay yeah well well we flew a massive aircraft found the Pirates we're not gonna wait we found the Pirates spy you.

Are aware that you're wearing a pirate hat right but you have a pirate's hat what does that mean wait Oh Bob I got I forgot come out oh I got short-term memory that was actually my fishing boat wait so you reported yourself to the military what added the plane blow up then thought it was a a I don't know I'm not gonna mention that nothing happened.

On our side at all it was totally the military what we could blame it on ob oh yeah ob did it the torpedoes oh he blew up the plane he crashed some boats he didn't love this thing of what fuel it's all his fault blame OB gonna slap us he's gonna slap us I don't care don't care I'm done is it done - well there's a bunch of box - that say explosive on here so do we want to blow something.

Else up today yeah I'm gonna go down here you know and I'm gonna sabotage what are you doing down there it's not working okay Oh engine status no fuel dang it can't believe there's not like an extra fuel tank around here somewheres Abidin Emoto what you won't believe what's in front of us here well your fishing boat and the island I.

Can't get up ah what's wrong yeah ladders are broken but no look over there uh-oh oh yeah um well this is it oh where do we go you know what I'll go back here what are you doing are we hide in here bedroom okay there's no seats but there's beds but that'd be fine I'm hiding in the bed uh comment these beds safe yeah yeah totally oh there goes my.

Fishing boat No who cares about your vision boat well yeah I do tsunami wave Oh gonna get beat oh wait a minute it's sinking wait oh we left the door open Oh No did we yeah it's feeling look no no I'm trying to get to it we're rolling we're rolling I see the door it's oh there's the door look at the.

Wrong way and try letting water I'm trying to Connor I'm trying to crawl out oh no my spy I'm out oh oh this boat is upside down it's totally upside down yes that's it just we'll have to find another job oh no no no it's not our fault it was obese fault nevermind okay yeah the military didn't know we did this yeah I know it's we're good totally fine.

Well anyways guys if you enjoyed this episode make sure to smash that like button with a huge open space weaponized military plane that we did not crash and yeah thanks for watching guys and subscribing and remember I'm not supposed to do this part blame of me


Camodo Gaming • 4 месяца назад
I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Stormworks! What should we do next time?
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Camodo Gaming gets big boat and to crazy tricks
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It was you guys you said when the engine temp was 34 degrees and then it was 69 that's no lowering that's climbing it's getting hotter are you that stupid when it comes to molecules and heat and temp
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