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RX-7 FD Purchase ?

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What's up everybody right now we're about to go pick up some tires from a buddy of mine named Brad Davis he's also one of the competitors in Evergreen drift so we're gonna check out his setup readiness how many tires we are loaded up let's check out Brad setup all right everybody this is Brad Davis this is his pro-am vehicle won't you.

Give us a little rundown so it's a 2002 Lexus IS 302 jay-z GT motor single turbo BorgWarner s 361 melt running a 4-speed dog box of course so it's running a pigs engineering triangle kit and rear suspension about 70 degrees the steering angle Christian art racing designed the rear mount radiator and the tube front rear end so we felt it as close to support of the drift rules as possible.

And tried to give this every advantage possible so it just got completely gutted Paige it has a rear mount radiator with the back end soft fiberglass so make right about 600 or 600 torque at about 30 pounds booth I'm an overhead bridge crane operator at Boeing thanks for show me your setup do you.

Have somewhere where people can come see you outside of this video yeah on Instagram not Brad dudes breathing Brad Davis racing on face my youtube-channel Crash Davis check them out that's Brad Davis everybody right now we are compression testing the FD because we are thinking about purchasing it dude they put this.

Convenient hole right here to get to the smart plug Z my compression tester all hooked up eg I unplugged fuel pump relay unplug all right hit it keep it going that was the compression of the rear rotor yep you weren't you were mad both of the rotors have the same compression take a hike in the rain dude that's good all right we gotta go get.

Some gas for the FD get some fresh gas in it crank it crank it just get her going I say you just tap that valve wide open ready boom oh dude she's going dude pop it pop it oh yeah you're gonna drive it on the wrong side guy no I gave the left side dude left-hand drive you coming.

Chow's got the extinguisher this is the first time I have driven a a rotary and be in rxm turn the night teach and lighten up what light all right is that my brake light I think that's Brianna's rectory I mean it feels fine and obviously car needs I don't want to say it needs work because it doesn't.

Really need work it just needs to be put back together yeah yeah they strip it to paint the whole vehicle so it's got no door panels on it like the trunk latch thing is out the taillights are out like just little in the end it's all in the back of the shop they have all of the bits out to get tape can you get the tape well anything yeah there's no latch do we have duct.

Tape in there I'll tape the trunk shot scoop make like three and it literally seductive gap right there I mean so far so good it's really good at going slow he'll weird exhausted that was that was where.

Others literally and overheated exhaust system light Brandon was saying something about this like the cats get hot if your cats get hot so I watch that but there's a bunch of it's a button no it's not that's just like yeah that's just a light these are lights I wonder what this red button does here that clearly looks aftermarket temp gauge still in the center good.

Definitely feels perfectly fine as no smoke or excited it's usually garbage the effects Celia psi or whatever pressure Red Brigades and quiet wheelspin I mean do this happy.

I mean it feels fine to me for sure but you know doesn't hurt to check the shifter feels good around here I guess I mean it feels pretty good like a temp gauge still perfect I see what the baristas at dear no I'll do it once.

What do you did it feels good to be I mean I don't really know what it's supposed to be like if that makes sense I am an rx-7 dude ten pages in check I like the radish I just hit it hit it turn it off I didn't change anything up here at all it's just that like I find to be interested to hear what it sounds like.

I mean I hit the button nothing happened so we don't know what's that we don't know what this red line does that's not light up or anything that seemed pretty legit but I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like I know anything about this I literally had to watch a tutorial on how to compression test it so I'm not really sure how they're supposed to feel but that felt.

Pretty good to me I don't know though on a side note though so I'm actually selling my wise fab v1 s14 kit comes with everything I did order a new angle kit so I do have this for sale nine hundred bucks shipped to your doorstep shoot me an email if you're interested like I said this is a full s14 kit what's up guys it's your boy.

Chow and today we're here with my calculator so if you may I have the balls to righty this car ah you look like Han right now dude we need to have male side fortune your eBay huh turn to the turn that way you definitely eBay Han you're straight eBay really of you guys was asking about buy s14 it is not sold or scrap it is getting slop right now it should be hopefully should be.

Done next month so it's totally floated out we're gonna have to pick another point you ship you shape or whatever it is from nice nice time racing so that is for this 14 it is still getting the 1j swap hopefully it is done so if you guys didn't know by now take over Northwest is this really cool event that combines motorsports and music together it's this really cool festival style event me as.

Well as chow will be there we will be giving ride alongs in the five seater party cart it's gonna be a sick event so I encourage any of you watching right now if you are in the Pacific Northwest anywhere in the Pacific Northwest check out take over I will have a link in the description click the link pick up a spectator pass follow him on Instagram there's a few edits from their.

Event last year which is epic there was Pro drivers there every had a great time I'm looking forward to that event this year so check it out link will be in the description take over Northwest we want to see you there I want to give you a ride along in the five seater party cart it's gonna be sick .


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Dorito power duds
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3:03 when you haven’t seen your girl in a week
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Fire sale bo1 music
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9:50 Song name ?!
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Ironfukr 9 • 6 месяцев назад
Love Chow's eBay Mtv Cribs skit
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john smith • 7 месяцев назад
Orion I don't know if you're aware of this or not but when you did that compression check on that RX-7 you cannot use a standard compression testing meter. If I'm not mistaken every engine cycle has multiple compression stroke so you cannot accurately gauge the compression of each pocket unless you use a rotary specific compression testing meter
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Mister j • 7 месяцев назад
That ke70 in the background reminded me of one i used to have.
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bob dfds • 8 месяцев назад
the event is basically forza horizon 😂
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Skyye • 8 месяцев назад
Broke E-bay Han (solo)**
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grayson serrano • 8 месяцев назад
Make more videos on the RX7!!
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Bob George • 8 месяцев назад
The temp guard being in the middle can still be a problem, you'll cook your water seals before the gauge reads hot
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Ty Nguyen • 8 месяцев назад
Donate me a pass so I can go
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adam Bentz • 8 месяцев назад
I hope it gets hot starts!!!!
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Young Khalifa • 8 месяцев назад
with some money you can make this just like keisukes fd like in initial d :D
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¡¡Anonimus_Oficial :D • 8 месяцев назад
Mazda RX7 lol
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D.Jones Outdoors • 8 месяцев назад
That’s my dream car
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im dareto • 8 месяцев назад
bumpers,lights,paint,trim,wheels an detail and this car is mint
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confused_jedi • 8 месяцев назад
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Smokin Motorsport • 9 месяцев назад
Mannn,Orion spit in soo many faces when he gave away the GS300.THis was the Heart of The channel!No more Haggard OG,no more Cam,Now only Ladyboy Ramen and Onion Dajnowic.This is shit!
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