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Scuba Diving the Devil's Den for Lost Valuables! (Found 2 Prehistoric Bones) | DALLMYD

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In this video I scuba dive and explore the Devil's Den located in Florida for lost valuables!
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Scuba Diving the Devil's Den for Lost Valuables! (Found 2 Prehistoric Bones) | DALLMYD



We're actually just about to walk down the staircase so this is gonna be our first reaction walking into The Devil's Den there's water literally under our feet like we're standing on a cave right now there's there's a cave under us these three crazies pretty crazy there's a ton of food this is wild that's super cool hey what's up guys Judy Almighty here it's the same with my.

Friends Brandon and Kendall and today we are gonna be treasure hunting in a place called The Devil's Den located in Florida so we gotta walk down the staircase to get down to this spring but I don't know to expect it's like a staircase going straight underground so we made it to the staircase this is crazy man this looks like a dungeon let's do it this is so beautiful.

The water is crystal clear there's a hole right in the middle and it's like cool and it's just illuminating this is breathtaking you guys friend what do you think about it bro this is insane how wasn't expecting this I've seen pictures but I wasn't expecting this there's a ton of fish this is a wild that's super cool Wow look how beautiful they seem there's.

Fish all around here like I see you like six fish over here I see a turtle over here this spots pretty cool actually in a cave right now and a long time ago apparently that big hole used to be covered the roof here collapsed and it created what this place is now called The Devil's Den so we currently have this place to ourselves right now but in about 20-30 minutes this place is going.

To be filled with people it's gonna be slammed packed but regardless it's actually a really beautiful location you know it's super easy to get to just walk down the staircase you have a little platform you can come out in scuba dive or snorkel around if you want to you today we're gonna be taking out my metal detector to see if I can find some cool stuff brandon has no faith that I'm.

Gonna find anything today he's gonna find some rust I'll give you that you're gonna find some rust it may be like a few little particles of more rust we are going after diamond rings like I said you guys I have not found my first diamond ring yet with this metal detector job a thumbs up if you guys want to see another metal detecting video just like this one I'll make a.

Deal with you guys if we can break 20,000 likes on this video I will go against Brandon and a metal detector competition and we will see who finds the best knife it's going oh how do I say this Brandon nice I don't really want to just be embarrassed when I win that metal detector to find your dignity I'm gonna get out there and find some time in.

Rings because that was messed up man but 20,000 likes I promise you guys Brent and I will have our first metal detecting competition I might even be a first on YouTube I don't .


this is awesome .

okay so I just got done with my very first tank and I'm excited to show you guys what I found yeah it's ready I'm ready to see it I didn't find a whole bunch of rusty nails and really one of them I'm sure you guys my favorite finds from the first thing I got really.

Discouraged because I was funding nail after now and I got a whole handful of just nails actually found some bomb wire and I was thinking about it maybe they bob wired the entire area out when it like first caved in so it's like super old super super old and you know maybe it would like kind of protect people or animals from falling in this thing so far I'm not impressed yet you will be.

Impressed in a second you guys ready for this ready I found a pearl pearl earring no oh you know whether or not if it's real still really cool that I found jewelry out there you know what amazes me this area is like it's pretty big there's a lot of stuff in the fact that you found something literally this big is hilarious I almost saved the best for.

Last but I got a couple other things I want to show you guys you guys ready I'm ready at every spring we've been to you so far no yeah I found yes I have found ruins and today I found another one check that out that's really cool oh that's the actual leg and this is pretty crazy because this place is seriously like super popular yeah yeah ton of people.

Are in here I don't know maybe someone was up top and they just shot it straight down but I found it right here by the stairs I believe so at every at every spring we've binti we found money like coins and stuff and today I found a penny but not only that we actually ran into a fan here scuba diving and he found a nickel and gave it to us.

Yep I'm getting richer we go to McDonald's now brother we're gonna gonna need a couple more quarters I don't know what these are I think these might go to some scuba tanks but I found two of them check that out and that's kind of scary because this spot is pretty well known for cave diving if some important screwed off there you know scuba gear that would be pretty dangerous John.

Where's your tank where's your tank I thought I found some bones as well wait what I think it's just wood I mean what do you think is that a bone or is that wood that actually might be a bone heads that might be a bomb dude really yeah there are turtles in here so this could be a turtle bone but maybe even the whole first opened up you know like some animal came in here and died or it could.

Be human most likely it's probably not humans probably that guy that lost our screws but yeah that's crazy man we found some bones that's weird pretty sure they're animal bones I'm pretty sure I don't know we find some weird stuff man yeah Paul here and he just told us a little bit about the history of the Devil's Den up on one of the ledges mm-hmm up in there a an.

Extinct bear skeleton was found that's a cool it was carbon dated to ten thousand years old ten thousand yeah it's extremely old yeah any human bodies no no no I did find a couple bones today so i'ma show policin bones real quick I am NOT an anthropology that's a bone we've heard a lot of bones found recently because when we did the construction they dug down in about.

Three feet and pulled up a lot of mud and silt and stuff and bone fragments came up with it Wow I wonder what that is that looks really old - that could be tens of thousands of years old there yeah Wow Wow that's pretty crazy the pungent bones and like that might have been underneath all the mud and everything just got stirred up walls.

Good you can see the brown that's the mud it he's mine it's actually human bones don't want me to tell you guys that oh yeah so I saved the best for last are you ready for this I'm ready Brandon had no faith in me he's like Jack you're just gonna find a bunch of nails like it's gonna trash you're not gonna find anything found something really good.

Okay I'm ready to found a ring check that out oh it's a rubber ring Jake my battery but it's rubber so this is called a halo ring and these are actually pretty cool because they're rubber a lot of outdoor people use these rings because they're rubber and if it gets wrapped around something the ring will break and it won't take your finger off and I feel like maybe a lot of scuba.

Divers actually use this as well so this one might have just slipped right off the guy's finger and I found it right on the sand thank you somebody's like potential wedding ring yeah that's pretty crazy so like I said if you guys want to see a metal detector competition against Brandon drop a thumbs up on this video if we reach 20,000 likes in this video.

You guys will see that I'm gonna whoop Brennan's book you guys will see Jake get super embarrassed it would be your luck if you found a diamond ring on your 5 first dive yeah that would be pretty that would be crazy


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Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see a metal detecting competition against Brandon! haha Thank you guys for the amazing support lately. It really means a lot <3
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