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Episode #77 of bad driving on the North American roads in new compilation - "ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA #77 / BAD DRIVERS USA, CANADA / NORTH AMERICAN DRIVING FAILS".
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Videos featured in the following compilation are intended for CRITISISM, EDUCATIONAL & JOURNALISTIC purposes ONLY.
Video provides citizens with the information they need to make right and the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies... etc.
Take this video as a learning tool and watch how NOT to behave on the road.
Be careful on the road. Drive safely, keep yourself and others safe!


we're gonna still have now it's not a person one person went though not even one person went well it's like these weird fucking spots why is bleeding from their ears going fucking idiots let the checks and balances that are.

Play like the representative government he had that was so epic and you know sit next only chitchat place like I had mentioned something about but in any event for the rest of eight bees hey Z nine nine nine stars wow this is crazy are you serious right now are they actually serious oh my god.

Look at this look at this oh my god mom back up I can't dude no no no no oh my god oh my god oh my god you just he's like you know what forget it bro bro I'm going back in my car oh my god did you play hard again oh just do something and that guy's car just chilling oh my gosh damn that's hilarious this guy's so mad now do we stay here.

See me I can see us all god I'm recruiting it don't worry I told him the camera oh my god .

Oh I don't want to forget jackass yeah yeah guess what what are they what the fuck you just punch it he said your penis is probably you know you played the youth jump right.

To it doing sir doing thirty fuck I'm accelerating normally all right yep fine shirt you're a fucking clown you're a winner I'm a winner you fucking box me Ed Lee a fucking beat shit fucking phone you're a fucking get out of here man this is going to the police all right let's see what happens with my.

Coworkers oh my god where the fuck is she where's the chick they just hit cut in front of me green car right there don't let them leave please .

But at the same time it's like here are your tango you think una camera una campaña ha I'll make sure you record this guy on my phone are you gonna record it whoever they our doors our luckiest - problema de la camisa wellness to.

Program a Utah while a coup problem is messy right now you're a loser I just want you to know sir I'm legal if I can why should be I have a seat here please do please do it please do let me give you something sir please you please calm down sir fuck you I'm legally biking where I should be no sir I'm right where I.

Should be let me I have a cycling guide for you sir I'm hung down sir I just want to educate you on the rules the Rope please no sir Sir just wait wait sir fine but no I just want to echo K take care kill yourself may your day get better take care and up the door see a little bit of.



Deathnote2539 • 3 дня назад
Last guy did it right
👍 0
PsychicX720 • 4 дня назад
That moment when the guy that’s mad at you is Seth rogen
👍 0
Klaa2 • 11 дней назад
If you can't let it go because it was such a close call; maybe the motorcycle isn't for you.
👍 0
Conrad Storrer • 20 дней назад
Motorcyclists are f***ing assholes.
👍 0
Brandon Grossman • 21 день назад
The guy at the end on the Bicycle sounds like a bi*ch haha he was scared of the other dude like why?
👍 0
Joe mama • 22 дня назад
Pandemic please
👍 0
Big Dave • 24 дня назад
Why do white Americans do that weird roaring thing with their voices when the think they are being tough? That guy in the hi-vis vest is a proper pea-narse.
👍 0
Michigander Michiganian • 24 дня назад
6:10 bikefag gets hurt! I love it
👍 0
Bryan Clark • 28 дней назад
👍 0
chilli pom pom • 29 дней назад
Last guy was way too nice to a person that didn't deserve to be respected
👍 0
Max Sharp • 1 месяц назад
Cut in front of you? Looked like you were speeding and ran into her.
👍 0
Max Sharp • 1 месяц назад
3 min mark woman videoing. I bet she does the same thing when watching movies. Pointing out everything everyone does as they do it.
👍 0
Appalachian Packmule • 1 месяц назад
6:07 That biker is an absolute idiot and needs to have his license revoked.
👍 0
Demark Bellman • 1 месяц назад
Why are you reading the plate number out loud ? He stopped
👍 0
Max Sharp • 1 месяц назад
I think in case the camera didnt catch it, the audio would.
👍 0
piet hein • 1 месяц назад
Asshole bikers go fuck yourself, always thinking there right, and when it come to it all they do is shout like little pussys , dont have the balls to get off there little bikes and do something.
Riding with their matching clothes , ooo you look so pjetty on your little bike. . . You weally look like a tough guy 🏳️‍🌈
👍 0
Ethan Beer • 1 месяц назад
I wish that guy would kill that cyclist at 9:20. when they are in big groups doing a marathon, with no bike lane, they are such a annoyance.
👍 0
Youtubehasaids • 1 месяц назад
6:00 hahaha. What an absolute cock nozzle
👍 0
NinjaZXRR • 1 месяц назад
Stupid squid at 6:30 can't even shift properly, how can he judge anyone else when he can't even ride his own bike. I'm glad he crashed
👍 0
NinjaZXRR • 1 месяц назад
Albertans don't give a shit, when they gotta be somewhere nothing will stop them from dealing with it
👍 0
Shamrock_three • 1 месяц назад
The last vid is way to polite
👍 0