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Arrival | Facing the Fear of Existence

Опубликовано: 1 год назад
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An in-depth analysis of Arrival and facing the fear of existence
0:00 Introduction
0:33 i. Louise
3:03 ii. The fear of existence
5:25 iii. Facing the heptapods
7:36 iv. A dialogue and a gift
11:42 v. And lastly
Featured films, in order of appearance:
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Matrix
Blade Runner
Chris Zabriskie – Mario Bava Sleeps In A Little Later Than He Expected To
Chris Zabriskie – Take Off and Shoot a Zero
Beethoven – Egmont Overture (By Kevin Macleod)
Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight (Piano Cover by Platypuff)
Music by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/vendaface/
Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
Music by Kevin MacLeod is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Download link: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200069
Platypuff’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqdS3mqiniv72v5mHWSD4yQ


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Like Stories of Old • 1 год назад
Arrival is one of my favorite sci-fi films in recent years and in this video I explore some of its deeper, thematic ideas and metaphors. It builds on some of the science I discussed in my Interstellar video, so I recommend checking that one out too. What did you think about Arrival? Is it too early to place it among the sci-fi greats? Also, let me know if you have any ideas for a future video, would love to hear your suggestions!
👍 277
Nick Fire • 19 дней назад
Would love you to do a video essay on Dead Poets Society and Rain Man.
👍 0
Eric Lopez • 1 месяц назад
These videos are amazing. Great job.
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Full Story Hollow • 1 месяц назад
Your essay triggered an emotional reaction for me. Thank you. I encourage you to keep it up, brother.
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Nicolai Marquez • 8 месяцев назад
Like Stories of Old I really really love your videos. I just found your channel, and you've made some of the most in depth analysis of movies I've seen in youtube :)
I really think Arrival will be considered a classic in the future, even if some people see a lot of flaws in it, I think none of those "flaws" actually matter when the movie is so focused in it's bigger themes, which is a rare thing in movies in general. I appreciate more the themes a movie tackles than its plot, because plot is ussually a device to convey the themes. And being honest, the plot in this movie is really polished.
I would like you to make an analysis on Snowpiercer. I think is one of the most underrated movies of the last years, mainly because people think is just an arthouse blockbuster (which it is) but is also a thought-provoking piece of sci-fi cinema.
I would also recommend Silence, the last picture of Martin Scorsese, which has to be the most sharp exploration of the nature of religion and men I have ever seen.
Those are the last two movies I have seen that I would say are close to masterpieces (the previous ones were probably Arrival and the new Blade Runner), and for what I have seen of your videos, I think you'd probably enjoy them.
Either way, thank you for making this kind of content. As the movies themself, these videos teach us things and make us see the world differently, and I'm grateful for that :)
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Michael Freed • 8 месяцев назад
I'll admit I was multi-tasking when I saw this movie, and missed some essential stuff. But even now, with this explanation, the whole premise falls apart.The aliens came to Earth to get one person out of her shell?
This movie is lacking in a lot of ways, and that's only one of them. If we're seeing the main character's change, well she did a lousy job of the 'before' part.
I've *known* people who hide from life. They don't just hug their pillows & live alone. They are almost pained by contact.
I can't tell if it's the actor or director's fault here, but her personality wasn't well-presented. When people like that are forced out of their comfort zone, they don't just hesitate or take longer to decide. They get a lot of anxiety that Amy Adams doesn't seem able to communicate.
She's the *least* perturbed by the aliens than anyone. And while you say that this was an expression of her personality, and I'll agree that this was most likely the intention, someone scared of life would be scared of everything *in* it, and not just reflexively indifferent.
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Final Boss • 4 часа назад
So glad I found this channel.
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Arch5tanton • 4 дня назад
This movie is complete garbage.
Some over educated lonely cat lady language professor who's never been loved, is the only one who's able to save the planet, because quote "words are weapons" and she alone is able to unite the world by telling them that things from their past can haunt them.
The whole moral of the movie is "delete your Twitter comments before everything comes back FuLl cIrClE!"
God this movie sucks
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Joshua Navarro • 13 дней назад
Our lives don't matter,we are not special in any way.
We are nothing but a small species, that has no meaning,no path,no truth...
In the grand design of the universe.
Life itself on this Earth is merely a burden, that has to be overcome.
And the only way to truly be free is to die.
There is no such thing as happiness.
Happiness is fleeting, maybe for a seconds,to hours, but it never lasts,and it is a illusion, blinding us from facing ugly reality.
This life is full of pain,and disappointment.
Your family,your friends will all die and rot away one day,and so will you.
No one cares about you,you are alone In this life,to make your own choices,and to live your own life.
Our only hope is death.
We can only hope that when we die, that there is no afterlife.
And if there is one,we can hope that life will be better than this one.
However hope and love,are only imaginary,and are not real on earth.
Hence making life on this Earth, unbearably painful.
The world we live in is sick. Famine,sickness,war, poverty,and corruptness.
The truth is depressing, and the truth is...our only hope at ending pain, is death.
You can end the suffering yourself right now,or you can die slowly in everyday life.
You decide.
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camilo j. obreque • 15 дней назад
I have only just one question:
How the heck can you be so amazing?!
I mean, every video you have made is a freaking masterpiece. Almost every night, before I go to sleep I put my headphones on and listen to one of your videos, so I can fall asleep with those deep ideas about life and existence itself. You, my friend, are a genius.
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Azriel Crews • 17 дней назад
A beautiful analysis of a beautiful film. I thoroughly enjoy your work and I was moved to tears watching this. Thank you.
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Philosophical Trainer • 18 дней назад
"God never said life would be easy, he only promised it could be worth it"
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jay church • 28 дней назад
Language is the tool of thought. The heptapods gave humanity the tools to break free of linier perception.
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Shaheed Majid • 29 дней назад
Brilliant. Thank you so much for this !
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ryan vo • 1 месяц назад
Arrival is like bad sex, all foreplay and no climax.
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Samson Kumar • 1 месяц назад
Watching this at 4 a.m. ..so beautifully made. Acknowledging the contradictions and all that makes this existence sometimes feel like a burden that we can’t set down, yet concluding with a life affirming message! I love your work. You helped me re-watch this movie with a fresh pair of eyes & a different experience. thank you 🙏
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Kari Alba • 1 месяц назад
This was the most beautiful analysis of this film (and of life in general) that I've seen, your thoughts at the end made me emotional in a way I can't describe, thank you for making this.
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LokiRudder • 1 месяц назад
Interstellar version of Force Awakens. Feminist propaganda.
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LokiRudder • 1 месяц назад
Man or a Muppet? A muppet of a man?
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Anti-Federalist 1776 • 1 месяц назад
A woman without children is by default an unhappy woman
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Midnight Gaming. • 1 месяц назад
omg I couldnt even finish the video before having to say that LSOO makes nearly every movie feel like the boring peas and carrots that they are before LSOO delivers the main course in his interpretation and reflections on most films. I wish I was able to see these movies with half the scope that LSOO does 'as' I watch them. Arrival came off pretty 'meh' to me and I watched it twice just to make sure. But I like it so much more when viewed in this way. I would say that I would just stop watching movies and just wait for an LSOO course, but unfortunately its most likely necessary for me to have seen them first - so take the bad with the good :| life is funny that way. I love these deep character, story, and life analysis's and LSOO ability to put them in such a perspective. Thanks for all/any of these videos man.
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tim bow • 1 месяц назад
this is really well done, quite the masterpiece!
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Ghon Will • 1 месяц назад
I'm watching that movie right now. It's amazing.
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cindy chan • 1 месяц назад
i loved this movie too. i love sci-fi but this was beyond other sci-fi movies, it went deeper
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Paula Medeiros • 1 месяц назад
wow. thank you.
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