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Top 5 Most Exciting Cars From the Chicago Auto Show

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( ) Tommy and Mike show you five of the loudest, most stand-out cars from the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. Plus, we give you a bonus and tell you which one we would buy.
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Tommy mm-hmm we've just gone through the 2019 Chicago Auto Show and there were quite a good number of very loud cars that came out of the Chicago Auto Show yeah both in terms of color and probably exhaust note so today on the fast lane now we are going over the top five standout cars from the Chicago Auto Show now there.

Were a bunch of own we've covered pretty much everything over at tal car calm and TfL truck calm but in this list we've got kind of unusual ones and ones that maybe we haven't talked about as much so of course we're going to do the top five and then at the end of this video we'll have a bonus for you like always and I think Tommy we have to tell the fine folks which of these we would take.

Home if we had the choice yeah so number five on our list is what Michael the Dodge Challenger and charger now in sub lime a classic color returns to the Challenger and charger lineup among some other high impact colors as dodge calls them including b5 blue gomango f8 green plum crazy in Tour red so we actually want to know which of these high-impact colors as they call them is your.

Favorite which one would you take them well so the one that they were really pushing is brand new is sublime exactly which is like the names of just a bright lime it's allowed it is there's nothing else particularly different I mean you can get this color on basically any of the SRT models for the charger or challenger Hellcats 392 scat packs or even the SXT base trim you can get sub.

Lime as a color yeah so available in several different configurations and it's good to see these kind of throwback colors back ok what's our number four car number four is an interesting one it's the Alfa Romeo 4c spider Italian which is a 15 unit limited production round they're only going to make 15 of these and basically what it is is it's an Alfa 4c spider with Misano blue paint.

Piano black air intakes and a piano black rear diffuser and then a bunch of 4c spider Italia badging throughout some different graphics on the sides kind of near the intakes on the interior there's more 4c spider it logos and each car has an individually numbered plaque on the center console but the only making 15 they're only making 15 of them what you get for that.

Is basically just the paint in the appearance package in a little plaque right it still has a one point seven liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 237 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque but because the 4c spider only weighs 2,300 pounds it'll still do 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds Tommy the difficulty with the 4c spider is it's it's a very refined sports car but it's almost.

Two-track oriented so very light but it's hard to use on a daily basis it's a very low car and it's expensive so before options it starts at like 68 grand yeah and this the Italia package will actually cost you an additional five thousand dollars on top of the base price so you're looking at 4c spider Italia starting at like seventy two thousand five hundred but only making.

Fifteen of them so if you want them I don't know maybe they're already sold out but you're probably gonna have to get in line soon yeah yeah you're gonna have to know the right people or maybe not actually because they sell so fusee their bids are like three four C's last button so number three on our list is the Alexis LC inspiration series the LC of course being the ultimate grand.

Tourer lexis beautiful two-door coupe design and the LC inspiration series brings on some additional cues yeah it's actually just very yellow Tommy so this is a 100 unit limited production run once again flare yellow paint on the exterior very high intensity metallic yellow paint standard 21 inch wheels and tires plus a carbon fiber roof and lower grille insert you also get some yellow.

Interior trim so there's yellow Alcantara door cards a lot of yellow stitching on the inside otherwise though pretty much the same engine same powertrain as the standard model 5 liter naturally aspirated v8 which sounds sweet makes 471 horsepower and 398 pound feet of torque 10 speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive pricing for the LC inspiration series a.

Hundred and seven thousand two hundred thirty-five dollars of base price but you better like yellow because this is those really yellow model and it looks pretty sporty and yellow though I don't it looks I mean the LC is a beautiful car in my opinion and the yellow paint certainly highlights a lot of the lines that you see on that car yep for sure.

Okay number two on our list is a return of another classic but this time in form of a volkswagen the volkswagen jetta GLI which is kind of their sporty racy fad model exactly so the seventh generation Jetta came out earlier this year we were told to GLI was coming in at chicago volkswagen finally unveiled the high-performance Jetta the GLI so it has the same engine same powertrain as the.

Golf GTI it's a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder makes 228 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque you have two choices of transmission 7-speed dual-clutch is optional or you can go for the standard 6-speed manual transmission still a manual available some cool performance upgrades you get the breaks from the golf are some big creeks a limited slip differential.

Mechanically limited slip not this brake actuated nonsense multi-link rear suspension setup so the normal Jetta has a torsion beam in the rear they've changed the GLI to have a multi-link setup which should be really good for handling and then you also get some unique 18-inch wheels and a lot of fancy red accents everywhere now we still don't know the price on the GLI but it.

Will be out this spring and it's pretty cool because unlike some of the basic Jettas you actually do get a lot of real performance upgrades like that limited slab and the actual rear suspension that's you know not just a solid mean so it's it's a it's a really interesting combo in the past CGI's kind of always been like a d2 GTI yeah this time they actually made it competitive the ends of.

Its performance yeah so this this one is really exciting because they really kind of went all out in terms of the trim on this model indeed and you know we actually know that we we're gonna have the chance to drive one at the end of March so stay tuned for that video coming out in a little over a month I guess yep and the number one or less is the 2019 Mazda Miata mx-5 30th.

Anniversary edition okay so they're gonna make 3,000 of this limited edition Mazda Miata it comes in racing orange that's the paint color you get that same pink color on your brake caliper on the seat trim on the air vents in the - stitching I mean they just made everything orange on this Miata you also get raised ze 40 RS 30 forged.

Aluminum wheels Recaro seats built steam dampers if you get the manual transmission option plus a Bose audio system and you get apple carplay and android auto because this is the new Miata and Mazda has finally updated with Android on an apple carplay under the hood same engine 181 horsepower 2-liter four-cylinder and again you have your choice of a manual or automatic.

Transmission the cost on this thirty four thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars for the manual soft top if you get the RF which is the hardtop it's 37 five ninety five and if you want an automatic transmission it'll cost four hundred bucks on the soft top or five hundred bucks on the retractable fastback so this is like a mirror $40,000 Miata here and they're only.

Gonna build three thousand of them so or is it a fanboy Zack kind our producer called it the traffic cone or it learned but if or did you think and you want all the go-fast goodies in your Miata then definitely I think it's a cool trim definitely cool trim it also has a little badge that tells you what number out of 3,000 it is speaking of orange limited edition vehicles you know who.

Else did an orange limited edition Volkswagen with the mark 5 Golf GTI Fahrenheit they made 1200 orange GT is now in like oh five or some like that our boat is on this list is the Toyota TRD lineup and this is interesting so we had not only got a new version of the Tacoma and I should say version a new upgraded model of this 2020 Tacoma which included lights and some grilles and.

Some little bits but we also got a brand new truck the Sequoia TRD pro which is a Sequoia with off-road thingies on it that's got some different wheels and yeah different trim but we also got for the first time a rav4 TRD off road which has got some some especially off-road tuned suspension some different wheels and cletus tires yeah slightly different graphics yeah.

And we also got a that's all of them yeah so we now have this huge TRD pro lineup right it's for vehicles instead of three because you added the Sequoia you still have the TRD tundra TRD pro tundra the TRD pro 4runner and the TRD pro tacoma as you mentioned yeah all those TRD pros get some new stuff new grilles new LED headlights new black wheels they all.

Come with apple carplay and amazon alexa and for the first time in like any Toyota Android auto which is a big deal push button start standard on TRD pro models now and a 360 degree top-down camera called the pin irmak view monitor and the multi terrain monitor there you go I sell lots of upgrades for the tier you pro lineup and like you said a couple other new TRD models like the TRD.

Off-road rav4 rav4 there you guys go those are the top five and a bonus standout cars from the 2019 Chicago Auto Show Tommy before we let the people go which one of these are you taking home I probably if I'm being honest and one that interests me a lot is the Mazda is the most interesting little Miata a little orange Miata little traffic cone yeah I like all the the go-fast goodies.

And they're like the limited trim and I like the color so that's the one I would go for you know for me actually I'm not usually a fan of yellow cars but that L see inspiration just that does it for me I think it looks awesome the yellow paint is fantastic and it's a lone Edition which is super cool so I think that's the one for me but we want to know which ones you guys are gonna be.

Trying to take home so drop a comment down below tell us which of these standout cars you would like to have in your driveway and for the Fastlane car I'm Mike and I'm Tommy we'll be sure to give you more info from the Chicago Auto Show right here at capo Carl calm and go back to tal truck comm for the latest and greatest in truck news so this was a huge truck show indeed it was we'll see.

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Bill Elrod • 22 дня назад
Really like every episode of TFL and each one of the staff but I do have to admit that I have never noticed before but Tommy's arms looked to be a little Sasquatchy. You will definitely never go bald as you age. Keep up the great work gentlemen.
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manoloprpr • 23 дня назад
Did Tommy looked a little ticked off every time Mike interrupted him? Nah, he is too nice
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Cole Rochlitz • 1 месяц назад
Purple looks sick.
👍 0
Dave Slingbart • 1 месяц назад
So the Jetta used to have independent rear suspension, then they cheaped it for the 2018/2019 model, but put it back on the GLi as an upgrade performance model...Genius, excuse me whilst i bend over
👍 1
jasonhelio29 • 1 месяц назад
The Green style
👍 0
j q • 1 месяц назад
Why does the guy on the left look like he wants to die every time the other guy speaks lmao
👍 0
Joey O • 1 месяц назад
The LC looks like class
👍 0
392 purple • 1 месяц назад
Plum crazy
👍 0
Rich Farfugnuven • 1 месяц назад
Make mine the Challenger Hellcat Redeye in sublime green. I have a challenger in envy green and love it.
👍 0
Rich Farfugnuven • 1 месяц назад
72k for a 4C. Ummmm, no.
👍 0
boobacockaa • 1 месяц назад
B-team. Meh. Bring back the guys with high blood pressure.
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Harold B • 1 месяц назад
Go Mango...because it matches the DRLs
👍 0
Andrew DiFilippo • 1 месяц назад
That Lexus!!!
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TajRahal • 1 месяц назад
Glad I was able to sit in the AT4 at the show. Most likely getting that soon.
👍 0
Joseph McClary • 1 месяц назад
It’s not Go Mango. It’s Go ManGo.
👍 0
Teddy Mopar • 1 месяц назад
I've always had a thing for the Sublime Scat Packs. But, I like all the classic Mopar colors really... 😄
👍 0
John Grytbakk • 1 месяц назад
Of these I'd take the Miata. ...such a fun little sports car.
👍 0
Obey Leo • 1 месяц назад
Love the B5 Blue on the Challenger. Had someone stop me at a red light asking what blue mine was lol.
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James Mastroianni • 1 месяц назад
Timestamps with labels, please like so others can see
0:48 - Dodge Charger/Challenger with crazy colors
1:56 - Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia
3:20 - Lexus LC inspiration
4:40 - Volkswagen Jetta GLI
6:18 - Mazda Miata MX5 30th anniversary edition
8:05 - Toyota TRD PRO lineup
👍 4
James Beaman • 1 месяц назад
Esteban T. Some of us don’t care as much about time I guess. I’m OK with watching the whole thing and hearing everything they have to say.
👍 0
James Mastroianni • 1 месяц назад
+Chase McLaughlin ty
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Esteban T. • 1 месяц назад
Thanks you're a huge help. Saves us all time!
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Chase McLaughlin • 1 месяц назад
3:20 for Lexus
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ELPJM09 • 1 месяц назад
Green/Lime is an awful color. It will only make you more attractive to the police and it will look ugly as it fades in the future. I don’t see anything exciting about the Charger and Challenger. Just heavy, gas hogs that are not practical for anything except going in a straight line.
👍 0