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Metallic & Glitter Nail Design - Sugared Effect - Quick & Easy Nail Tutorial

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HI Guys,

I've recently done a lot of videos with snow in them using the sugaring effect to give that snow a bit of texture. I did that with acrylic powder. I have done this effect with Glitter many times and I thought it was time to revisit it.

I decided to use two very similar colours for this. I think it makes it classy and subtle, not too in your face. The metallic really shines through.

To get that shine you have to make sure you use the correct products, now you would expect to use the urban graffiti base coat on the base, wouldn't you? well no no no, you need to use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat for this. The base coat doesn't give the shine required for the metallic to have it's true look.
The top coat is much more glossy, so it looks great.

You can do whatever design you want on this, which means it's great for long nails and short nails alike, Now if you are doing this on natural nails you will need to use a base coat then a top coat, then your metallic and then another topcoat, so make sure you do thin layers so you don't bulk it out too much.

I hope you enjoy this video, Make sure to share it and give it a thumbs up.

Love Kirsty xxxx


LAST VIDEO UPLOADED - http://bit.ly/2Et3cxq


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