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F12017 Championship Series - Malaysia

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Race commentary below...

I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out. I hate the rain, but man it feels good when you can make it work. Here are the race highlights:

0:21 Vettel outdrags me to turn 1, and we duke it out cleanly through the first sequence but I come out on top knowing that outside turn 1, turns into inside turn 2.

0:56 really not sure how much grip there is, taking it careful. Bottas gets sick of my conservative driving and punts his was past me

1:10 I try to get Bottas back, but go too deep and both he and Vettel get in front of me

1:17 I immediately take the position back from Vettel

2:15 At this point, I'm starting to settle in and get more comfortable with the grip level, slowly catching Bottas

5:05 Really getting close to Bottas now...

5:49 Make up a lot of time on the final turn, and set myself up on the start-finish straight

6:03 ... and take the lead in turn 1 on lap 4

6:46 At this point I start noticing that a line is developing on the track, and the skies are clearing. Will it be dry enough for slicks?

7:42 Engineer on the radio telling me that it is still too wet for slicks (you can't hear him on this video) but it is definitely drying out

8:40 Still pretty slick out there

9:47 I'm pulling out a bit on Bottas and Vettel, and it is still raining hard enough for Inters. I'm due to pit now, but I want to wait to see if it dries out any more. I bring up the tyre temp control to monitor how they are doing

11:35 Still none of the leaders pit. Who will be the first to blink?

12:00 REALLY drying out now. Slicks or Inters?

13:25 Vettel pits from 3rd, I continue on with Bottas still behind me. I'm watching my tyre condition on the gauge now.

13:58 Bottas race ends immediately behind me. I wasn't aware of this during the race, I was wondering what happened to him.

14:30 About now I decide for sure I'm going to go for Slicks. I start fumbling with the controls to select the tyres, and almost blow my race (I wish this was easier somehow)

15:20 Pit for Supersofts. EVERYBODY else still on Inters as far as I can tell. Really hoping I don't slide off the track.

15:59 Oh man they are slippery. Did I make the right choice?

16:52 Vettel is reeling me in as I limp around the track

17:34 I go massively wide on the final turn, and I think I may have given the lead to Vettel but I manage to hold on.

18:10 Supersofts are starting to feel good, and I'm pulling away from Vettel. These are definitely the right tyre right now.

19:36 Lap 10/14 Fastest lap and +1.3 ahead of Vettel

21:29 Lap 11/14 Fastest lap, -1.6 better than the previous. +3.8 on Vettel

23:20 Lap 12/14 Fastest lap, -1.2 better than the previous, +8.2 on Vettel

The rest of the race is without incident, and I continue to pull away for the win. I hate the rain, but I enjoyed this one. Basically without mistakes, and I made a tyre strategy call on a drying track that really worked.

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