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A Long Time Coming - Sonic Advance - [BLIND] - Part 1 - LIVE

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Friday Night's Main Event XXXIII (33): The Missing Piece of the Puzzle (Sonic Advance)
Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Year(s): 2001

The only Sonic Advance game I never played... Kinda strange really. I've heard a lot about this game and some people are even willing to call this one the best in the trilogy. Will the first incarnation of a series be proven once again to be superior to its later titles or will their later improvements shine on through? I dunno, but I've heard that getting the Chaos Emeralds in this game is mighty painful so.... yeah expect a Part 2 to this even if the title of the stream doesn't.

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The Sonic Advance series seems so... not-memed, it feels unnatural.

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